About Coseytown Flowers

Hi! My name is LeeAnn Huber and I am the woman behind Coseytown Flowers.  My farming heritage extends back 6 generations in the Northeast United States. These days you can find me growing in the quiet, rolling hills of Greencastle, Pennsylvania. I have a degree in Animal Science and International Agriculture from The Pennsylvania State University.     Coseytown Flowers was formally launched in 2015 in partnership with my wonderful sister, Kate Stoner.  We took a few years to settle in to some unique opportunities and find our niche in the market.  Along the way my own family expanded, adding two beautiful children, and I knew I needed to step back and embrace my new role as a parent. During that time Kate established her own floral business, Cold Water Flowers. Even though we now own our own businesses, Kate and I still love working together and we collaborate on many projects. Be sure to check out her stunning Instagram page and website.    While I stepped back from public sales, I took advantage of the opportunity to explore ideas I always wanted to indulge in. I consider it my business sabbatical! For the next two years, my spare time was dedicated to learning everything I could find about best practice in growing and hybridizing dahlias. I started growing dahlias from seed and fell in love.    The idea that I am just a steward of a single seed that contains a vast genetic base resonated deep within. Of course there are some agricultural practices that I can facilitate to direct a genetic course, but each dahlia parent has 4 pairs of chromosomes to contribute to pollination. Because of this incredible genetic pool, the dahlia seedling can look wildly different from the parents. I am basically a steward tasked with creating an environment to let that seed develop into what it was made to become.      I share much of this journey on my Coseytown Flowers Instagram, so make sure to follow along. You'll find more about how I grow dahlias and my process for hybridizing brand new dahlia varieties. It's also a great place to follow along as I launch brand new Coseytown Dahlia varieties, as well as some rarer dahlia varieties, for sale to US and Canadian markets in the Tuber Store.   If you have further questions, click the Contact page and start a conversation.  

Photo by Lauren Young