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Hollyhill Pandora


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If you like waterlily dahlia forms, you are going to love HH Pandora. Introduced by Ted and Margaret Kennedy in 2021, this dahlia makes an excellent addition to any cutting garden. The color is 100% on trend for Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year "Viva Magenta". As Pantone describes, this color is full of vim and vigor - a purple with an undertone of red. 

This large 6+ inch bloom sits proudly on top some of the strongest, longest stems in my field. Harvest the bloom at half open for longest possible vase life. 

The Details

  • Hollyhill Pandora

  • Bloom Form:

    Water Lily

  • Bloom Color:

    Magenta Purple

  • Bloom Size:

    6 in

  • Plant Height:

    5 ft

Learn About Coseytown

Here at Coseytown Flowers we specialize in the creation, cultivation and sale of new dahlia varieties, with leading plant traits in health, growth and vigor, for the cut-flower and enthusiast markets.

Leading the charge is LeeAnn Huber - the dahlia hybridizer, educator, flower farmer and entrepreneur behind it all. Prioritizing continual growth in knowledge and practice is our guiding star, and LeeAnn's passion for lifelong learning and applying evidenced based approaches in an agricultural context is embodied in her daily mantra ‘Every day is a school day!’ LeeAnn has amassed a sizable and engaged following among fellow cut flower farmers and gardening enthusiasts, where she is known for taking topics head on in a thoughtful and engaging way while sharing her expertise on all things dahlias.

Coseytown Flowers strives to offer only the highest quality single-division dahlia tubers and premium dahlia seed. All dahlia tubers are guaranteed true to variety, and I will never sell anything I would not personally be satisfied to receive myself ...but don't just take our word for it, check out what our flower friends are sharing.

All our tubers are individually labeled, and all orders are individually inspected for quality and accuracy prior to shipment. Additionally, international tuber orders (currently Canada) are individually inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Coseytown Flowers dahlia fields and storage facilities are inspected annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and we possess all needed inspections and licensing to sell dahlia tubers and seed. Every dahlia tuber and seed sold have been grown right here in Greencastle, PA.

At the heart of our mission is the Coseytown commitment to transparency with continual growth in our core values of healthy plants, happy pollinators and responsible production. We take the health of our plants and tubers seriously by testing for and providing our dahlia plants with the proper conditions, nutrition and proactive management for optimal plant and pollinator health. We also proactively test for the following major DNA and RNA viruses: Dahlia mosaic virus (DMV), Dahlia common mosaic virus (DCMV), Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV), Tobacco streak virus (TSV) and Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV). To learn more directly from LeeAnn about the Coseytown Commitment to Healthy Dahlias, including our proactive 3-step approach to address virus in dahlias, please click here.

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