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Important Things to Know about the 2021 Dahlia Tuber Sale

The 2021 Dahlia Tuber Sale will go live on Saturday, January 30 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time.  Please note that I cannot reserve or process any sales prior to the sale launch and inventory is first-come, first-serve only and all sales are finalAll varieties for sale are currently on the store for preview. Please refer to the following sections for a comprehensive overview of important sale information.


Product Sorting

The default product listing/sort order will show Coseytown Exclusives first followed by all inventory in A-Z alphabetical order (i.e. sort by 'Featured'). You may select alternate options via the 'Sort By' drop-down. A note to Canadian customers - the 'Phytosanitary Certificate (Canada Only)' listing is sorted last in the default view. 


Account - Wishlists

You are not required to have or create a account to purchase from the Tuber Sale. However, customers who do register for a free account will have access to exclusive features including the ability to add products to their own wishlist(s) in advance of the sale. Also note - at your discretion you may make a wishlist publicly viewable via a Share link to show off your good taste or drop some not-so-subtle hints, wink-wink. 

Browsing the store in advance and creating a wishlist of your desired varieties is a good strategy to save you time come sale day. You can add individual wishlist items directly to your cart and then adjust the desired quantities in-cart. Please note that there is not an 'add all wishlist items to cart at once' functionality at this time.  


Cart - Checkout - Payment

Store inventories are updated as purchases complete. Consequently, items placed into your cart are not reserved. Items-in-cart which sell out prior to completing the checkout process are automatically removed from the cart. This is a standard set from the e-commerce provider that cannot be changed. 

All orders are processed through PayPal. You are not required to have or create a PayPal account to purchase, only a valid credit card. Nevertheless, for the speediest checkout I recommend that you do have a PayPal account with shipping and payment details in order, and that you log in to your PayPal account prior to the sale going live. Likewise if you will be redeeming a gift card, have your gift card number on hand to copy-paste.

Please note that and PayPal accounts are separate and distinct, and your payment details are not stored in your account. Consequently, logging in to one will not automatically log you into the other.   


Combining Multiple Orders (For Tubers w/ Important Limitations)

If you place multiple orders which contain tubers during the sale opening weekend, you are eligible to use code COMBINE at checkout to remove shipping charges on up to two subsequent tuber orders. Please note the following important limitations:

    • VALID ORDERS: You must have already placed a prior tuber order with paid shipping during the 2021 Tuber Sale to be eligible. Illegitimate use of this promotion to avoid required minimum shipping charges will not be tolerated. Offending orders are subject to cancellation with processing fee deducted from the order refund. Affected items/quantities will be returned to the general sale inventory.
    • LIMITED TIME - OPENING WEEKEND ONLY: This offer expires at 11:59 PM EST Sunday January 31, 2021.
    • LIMITED USE: This promotion is limited to 2 uses per customer, i.e. a total of 3 orders may be combined: (1) initial order with full-rate shipping + (2) subsequent orders with no additional shipping charge.
    • CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Please use code COMBINECANADA for a reduced shipping charge on subsequent orders. *An additional manually invoiced shipping charge or refund may be generated depending on final order details* and the final total shipping charge for combined Canadian orders will be as specified in the Canada-specific shipping section below. All promotion limitations noted above apply.

Quantity Restrictions

My desire is to, as far as I am able, provide motivated buyers a reasonable chance to purchase their most-wanted Coseytown varieties during the sale launch. Consequently, select Coseytown New Intro varieties will 'go-live' with a maximum quantity restriction that will be clearly marked on their respective product page, and these restrictions may or may not be subsequently modified or removed over the course of the sale at my sole discretion. Please refer to the sections directly above for tips on pre-sale steps you can take to expedite your shopping and checkout process and increase your odds of securing your favorites!


Shipping and Shipment Dates

Shipping is available to the US and Canada for the 2021 season. We are not currently shipping to other locations, though I love all my international guests.  


Domestic Shipping and Shipment Dates 

I do my very best to provide economical shipping to all my customers. All tuber orders are shipped with tracking and will usually ship via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Orders to southern states typically ship in mid-to-late March. Orders to northern states typically ship in early-to-mid April. In all cases, dahlia tuber shipping dates will vary as-needed according to the weather and specific location so they do not freeze in the mail. 


International Shipping (Canada Only) and Important Info for Canadian Customers

Please note that Canadian customers must add one Phytosanitary Certificate per shipment. If you place multiple orders during opening weekend (Jan 30 & 31 only) I will combine them and you will only need to purchase ONE phytosanitary certificate. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture inspects Coseytown Flowers farm annually, as well as your individual order prior to shipment. Tubers will be packed with insulating material to help keep them safe during transportation. 

Canadian tuber orders ship in April and in all cases dahlia tuber shipping dates will vary as-needed according to the weather and specific location so they do not freeze in the mail. Please allow 2+ weeks to receive your order. All tuber orders ship with tracking which is guaranteed within the United States. Please be advised that tracking within Canada is not guaranteed.

All Canadian orders will be shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS) which uses a flat rate fee with the following options:

Option 1- Large Video Flat Rate Box: 9x6x2 inches. $27.90 (fits around 12 tubers)

Option 2- Medium Flat Rate Box: 11x8x5.5 inches. $54.65 (fits around 40 tubers) 

Option 3- Large Flat Rate Box: 12x12x5.5 inches. $71.05 (fits around 60 tubers)

If you order in excess of the 'Option 3' capacity you will be subsequently invoiced for an incremental shipping charge to cover the additional expense. If shipment details must be modified due to unforeseen circumstances you will be notified via email. You are responsible for any Canadian import fees or taxes due. 


Local Greencastle Area Customers

Greencastle-area customers that would like to pick up their tuber order (i.e. any order that includes tubers) have the option to select 'Local Tuber Pickup' at checkout. I will email you in April with pick up dates. Please note that the local pickup option is NOT available for merchandise-only orders, e.g. enamel pin and/or garden tag only orders.


Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Coseytown Flowers strives to offer only the highest quality single-division dahlia tubers that are guaranteed true to variety - I will never sell any tuber I would not personally be satisfied to receive myself. Every tuber for sale has been grown, dug, divided and stored at my farm in Greencastle, PA. All tubers are individually labelled and all orders are individually inspected for quality and accuracy prior to to shipment. Additionally, international orders (currently Canada) are individually inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. 

Coseytown Flowers dahlia fields and storage facilities are inspected annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. I take the health of my plants and tubers seriously by proactively providing them with proper nutrition, care and pest management. I test for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV), Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) and Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). 

Even with the best systems and precautions, issues may occasionally arise; however, I can only make them right if I know about them. If you have an issue with your order kindly reach out to me at within 10 days of receipt of your order. If you are concerned about the quality of a dahlia tuber, please include photos with your email. Please note that refunds or store credit are issued when tuber replacement is not an option due to non-availability. Tuber replacement can only be offered to US customers. Coseytown Flowers is not responsible for issues resulting from unsuitable growing conditions, insect or rodent damage, poor management or negligence.