Here at Coseytown Flowers, we're dahlia buyers too.

Here at Coseytown Flowers, we're dahlia buyers too.

We appreciate how fraught, frantic, and even frustrating competitive dahlia sales can be. Planning a ‘strategic strike’. Only going for those absolute got-to-haves. Rushing through, mistakes, wrong addresses. Serial orders and shipping fees and how many orders to keep track of… shall I go on? Trust us – we know, we’ve been there, we’ve done that.


At Coseytown Flowers we’re always working to improve the dahlia buying experience wherever we can. That can mean propagating more stock of less varieties - curation over collection. Excluding lower inventory items from primary sale events. And now it means innovating the buying process itself – introducing Coseytown Dream Cart.

Starting two hours before Dahlia Sales, log in to your Dahlia Shop account, pre-build your ideal cart and get logged in to your preferred payment processor to 'begin' the checkout process - all in advance of the Sale. Please note that this is NOT an inventory reservation and checkout cannot be completed until the official start of sale. Then once the sale begins checkout can be completed in just a few clicks with an accelerated payment method like Apple PayGoogle Pay or Shop Pay.

Can we guarantee everybody gets everything? No. Is it a better way forward? We think so.

May the Odd Bees Ever in Your Favor!
LeeAnn | Coseytown Flowers