Stay In the Know

A Note to New Subscribers - We utilize email best practices with 'double opt-in' for address authentication and to ensure your approval.

This means that when you as a non-subscriber sign-up to join the Coseytown mailing list, or submit a form via the website which includes a mailing list subscription, the first thing you'll see is a 'confirm your subscription' email from us. You need to open that mail and click the confirm subscription button inside to finalize your subscription.

Once you've done that, you're subscribed! We're farmers and we'll write when there's something worth saying. So no sweat if it's a little bit till we write again. In the meantime, you can follow along with us on social media :)

If you're not seeing that mail, it may have been placed in a Promotions or spam folder by your email provider. Check and mark the message as not promotions / not spam. Finally, if its been a little bit and that mail is nowhere to be found, there was probably a typo in the submitted address. No worries, just give it another go - and if all else fails you can always contact us here.