Coseytown Tallboy


The heart of the hybridization program at Coseytown Flowers is firmly rooted in developing the best possible dahlias for profitable cut flower production. Our hybridization priorities have been shaped by our own experiences as a cut flower farm in search of the best varieties to bring maximum impact to our operation and bottom line - and our enjoyment as dahlia enthusiasts too!
We're Here for the Workhorses
To earn the distinction Coseytown-Certified Cut Flower Dahlia a new cultivar must demonstrate its ability to consistently meet or exceed expectations for the following nine key traits for maximum profitability for cut flower farmers and farmer-florists:

  Vase Life  
Stem Length 
Stem Strength
Bloom Productivity
Blossom Orientation
Blossom Attachment
Plant Growth Habit
Tuber Productivity
Tuber Storability

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Thank you for your interest in our original Coseytown dahlia creations brought to you by independent American dahlia hybridizer LeeAnn Huber and the Coseytown Flowers team! Our investments into the cut flower and dahlia enthusiast community are paid for by the plants we propagate and sell to you. Thank you for your support of:

  • An independent occupational American dahlia hybridizer

  • A self-supporting family farm and local employer

  • A woman-owned small business dedicated to driving progress and innovation

    At Coseytown Flowers we are fully inspected and licensed by the State of Pennsylvania for the production and distribution of plant materials and seed
    . Our proactive management practices include disinfection using 10% bleach solution between every plant rotating snips. We have an expert’s eye and a ZERO tolerance policy for symptomatic plants. As a component of our disease management plan, our active pest management plan utilizes a variety of measures based on seasonal risk level with continual monitoring from first planting until final tuber harvest.

    We test for common RNA and DNA dahlia viruses including TSWV, TSV, INSV, and DMV and make substantial costly recurring investments into ongoing proactive dahlia health management, testing and research to create and utilize best practices in the responsible propagation of our plant stock. Recent investments into our virus testing and research program include 5-figures worth of direct cost investments. CLICK HERE to learn more about Coseytown Flowers and the work that we do.

    Introducing Coseytown Tallboy. This dapper gent can rock a white tux like no one you’ve ever seen all while keeping his cool when the heat is on! It’s time to tackle the dog days of summer with a tall drink of Coseytown Tallboy!

    As his name suggests, Coseytown Tallboy is no short guy. No need to feel intimidated by this 6’ tall gentleman though - we’re confident he’ll become the white dahlia you go steady with. Pinching and continual harvest keep plant height well managed while he continues to work for you, pumping out the blooms. 4” fully double blooms with high petal count are supported by slender yet strong stems above the leaf canopy. These stems have integrity! It is common to harvest 20” stems without a negative effect to plant growth or subsequent bloom flushes.

    But the quality that really puts Coseytown Tallboy head and shoulders above his peers is his sensitivity to your needs a cut flower grower - standing up to the heat in the dog days of summer and continuing to produce marketable white blooms that resist burning despite high humidity, full sun, multi-day 100F weather here in the mid-Atlantic. He’s no summer fling either, continuing the romance into the fall and maintaining his closed center until frost. How about long-term commitment? Tallboy isn’t afraid – he’ll be happy to produce ample, high yielding eyed tubers for many seasons to come.

    LeeAnn's Hybridizer Notes
    Early on in his journey through the Coseytown Cut Flower hybridization program, Coseytown Tallboy quickly set himself apart from his seedling peers when I was in desperate need of white blooms during an extended summer heat wave. It was then I noticed the quality of the blooms being produced when other dahlias had wilted - and rightfully so. I wilt under intense heat!

    But Tallboy’s seasonal resilience, notably withstanding a higher heat index than his dahlia peers quickly secured him a spot in the propagation line up. As always, keep your plants well hydrated during prolonged high heat events and avoid getting the buds and blooms wet; good management lets your superstars reach even higher! Pair Tallboy up with Coseytown Early Girl in your cut flower program for the ultimate supercouple to get your season started off good and early and keep it going long and strong.

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    The Details

    • Coseytown Tallboy

    • Coseytown-Certified Cut Flower

    • Bloom Form:

      Formal Decorative

    • Bloom Color:

      Crisp White

    • Bloom Size:

      4 in

    • Plant Height:

      6 ft

    • Stamp:


    Learn About Coseytown

    Here at Coseytown Flowers we specialize in the creation, cultivation and sale of new dahlia varieties, with leading plant traits in health, growth and vigor, for the cut-flower and enthusiast markets.

    Leading the charge is LeeAnn Huber - the dahlia hybridizer, educator, flower farmer and entrepreneur behind it all. Prioritizing continual growth in knowledge and practice is our guiding star, and LeeAnn's passion for lifelong learning and applying evidenced based approaches in an agricultural context is embodied in her daily mantra ‘Every day is a school day!’ LeeAnn has amassed a sizable and engaged following among fellow cut flower farmers and gardening enthusiasts, where she is known for taking topics head on in a thoughtful and engaging way while sharing her expertise on all things dahlias.

    Coseytown Flowers strives to offer only the highest quality single-division dahlia tubers and premium dahlia seed. All our tubers are individually labeled, and all orders are individually inspected for quality and accuracy prior to shipment. Coseytown Flowers dahlia fields and storage facilities are inspected annually by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and we possess all needed inspections and licensing to sell dahlia tubers and seed. 

    As an independent hybridizer and self-supporting family farm, every dahlia tuber and seed we sell were grown for you with love by their originators right here at Coseytown Flowers. Thank you for making it possible to do what we do!

    At the heart of our mission is the Coseytown commitment to integrity with continual growth in knowledge and practice with core values of healthy plants, happy pollinators and responsible production. We take the health of our plants and tubers seriously by testing for and providing our dahlia plants with the proper conditions, nutrition and proactive management for optimal plant and pollinator health. We also proactively test for the following major DNA and RNA viruses: Dahlia mosaic virus (DMV), Dahlia common mosaic virus (DCMV), Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV), Tobacco streak virus (TSV) and Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV). To learn more directly from LeeAnn about the Coseytown Commitment to Healthy Dahlias, including our proactive 3-pronged approach to address virus in dahlias, please click here.

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