CT Premium Dahlia Seed

Seed Type: Collarette Mix


Thank you for your interest in our original Coseytown dahlia creations brought to you by independent American dahlia hybridizer LeeAnn Huber and the Coseytown Flowers team! Our investments into the cut flower and dahlia enthusiast community are paid for by the plants we propagate and sell to you. Thank you for your support of:

  • An independent occupational American dahlia hybridizer

  • A self-supporting family farm and local employer

  • A woman-owned small business dedicated to driving progress and innovation

    At Coseytown Flowers we are fully inspected and licensed by the State of Pennsylvania for the production and distribution of plant materials and seed
    . Our proactive management practices include disinfection using 10% bleach solution between every plant rotating snips. We have an expert’s eye and a ZERO tolerance policy for symptomatic plants. As a component of our disease management plan, our active pest management plan utilizes a variety of measures based on seasonal risk level with continual monitoring from first planting until final tuber harvest.

    We test for common RNA and DNA dahlia viruses including TSWV, TSV, INSV, and DMV and make substantial costly recurring investments into ongoing proactive dahlia health management, testing and research to create and utilize best practices in the responsible propagation of our plant stock. Recent investments into our virus testing and research program include 5-figures worth of direct cost investments. CLICK HERE to learn more about Coseytown Flowers and the work that we do.

    Seed in this mix was open pollinated amongst other collarettes and collarette seedlings. You can expect a wide array of colors and color patterning, with lots of bicolored parentage. Seed parents exhibit strong traits for great stems and tubers. 

    All seeds were open pollinated and harvested from Coseytown Flowers dahlia fields. Each packet of premium dahlia seed contains approximately 20 seeds. Read more below about the adventure of growing dahlias from seed!

    Growing From Seed

    You are planting a treasure to be explored in your garden when you plant dahlias from seed.  Dahlia seeds DO NOT grow true to the parent variety and there are endless possibilities when growing dahlias from seed. Each seed is a surprise! Please note that while I select only the finest seeds for sale, dahlia germination rates are known to be variable and germination rate is UNKNOWN. You accept this when you purchase this product. 

    Dahlia seedlings bloom and make tubers in one growing season. Follow your growing zone recommendations for planting and harvesting; a general rule of thumb is to plant dahlias when you plant your tomatoes - after your last frost and when soil temps are above 55°F. For best results, start dahlia seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before planting out, planting seedlings with 4-5 leaf sets in the field after the last frost.